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 convert a list of string+bytes into a list of strings (python 3)
Hello everyone!

I would like to extract the first bytes of a binary file, and convert them into strings, in a list.
def binaryMethod(files, lenI):
outList = [] 
for _ in range(lenI):
            # read the length of the next string (read only the first 4 bytes) 
            blen = int(ceil(float(unpack('>I',[0]) / 4) * 4)
            # store the  string into outList
            outList.append(str(unpack('%ds' % blen,[0]).replace("\x00", ""))
where lenI is an integer.
files is the binary file.
This method works in Python 2 but not in Python 3 Huh

in Python 3, when I do
print (outList)

["b\'RT\\\\x00\\\\x00\'", "b\'RT\\\\x00\\\\x00\'", "b\'ts\\\\x00\\\\x00\'", "b\'MI\\\\x00\\\\x00\', ..."
While I am expecting something like: ["RT1", "RT2, ""ts1", "MI1", ...]

Thank you in advance for your help Smile
I forgot to mention, I tried to decode an element of the list, it did not work:
test = outList[0].decode('utf-8')
AttributeError: \'str\' object has no attribute \'decode\'
This doesn't make any sense.
First the format for a bytes string is zz = b'value'
and to decode, z = zz.decode('utf-8')
I have no idea what type of data "b\'RT\\\\x00\\\\x00\'" would be, certainly not bytes.
Yeah this is hexadecimal format

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