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 convert list of dict to dict of array of list with pop up
Hi All,

Need help to convert the input dictionary to o/p below format

[{'type': 'cummulative', 'environment': None, 'domain': 'ARRAW', 'total_hits': 7, 'success': 1, 'failure': 6},
 {'type': 'cummulative', 'environment': None, 'domain': 'WQAT', 'total_hits': 33, 'success': 26, 'failure': 7}, 
 {'type': 'environment', 'environment': 'ACP', 'domain': 'WQAT', 'total_hits': 11, 'success': 11, 'failure': 0}, 
 {'type': 'environment', 'environment': 'DIT', 'domain': 'ARRAW', 'total_hits': 7, 'success': 1, 'failure': 6}, 
 {'type': 'environment', 'environment': 'DIT', 'domain': 'WQAT', 'total_hits': 11, 'success': 4, 'failure': 7}, 
 {'type': 'environment', 'environment': 'INT', 'domain': 'WQAT', 'total_hits': 11, 'success': 11, 'failure': 0}]
required O/P:
 {	WQAT:[{cummulative:[{'environment': None, 'domain': 'WQAT', 'total_hits': 33, 'success':26, 'failure': 7}],
	     environment: [{'environment':'ACP', 'domain': 'WQAT', 'total_hits': 11, 'success': 11, 'failure': 0},
						{'environment': 'DIT', 'domain': 'WQAT', 'total_hits': 11, 'success': 4, 'failure': 7}, 
					    {'environment': 'INT', 'domain': 'WQAT', 'total_hits': 11, 'success': 11, 'failure': 0}]
  ARRAW: [{cummulative:[{'environment': None, 'domain': 'ARRAW', 'total_hits': 7, 'success': 1, 'failure': 6}],
	     environment: [ {'environment': 'DIT', 'domain': 'ARRAW', 'total_hits': 7, 'success': 1, 'failure': 6}]
First of all - what have you tried?

Second - is this output you actually want? Can you describe in spoken language based on what the new structure is built-up.
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