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create a list of object with a list of character
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create a list of object with a list of character
Hello i am french student and i work on a first python 3.7 project

My problem is the following
i have create and object "ingredient" with 4 parameter

Now i have to create a list of object "ingredient" with information contain in a file .TXT
i have done the following programm but the list of object isn't generate

here are some sample of my code :

1- My object "ingredient"
 def __init__(self, nom: str, quantite: int, unite: str, vegetarien: str) -> None:
        # Crée un nouvelle ingrédient. pour le nom, quantite, unite, vegetarien

        self._nom = nom
        self._quantite = quantite
        self._unite = unite
        self._vegetarien = vegetarien
2- "open file txt and create a first list from the file"
 liste_ingredients = []
    with open("stock.txt", "r") as f:
        for line in f.readlines():
            # print(line)
    del liste_ingredients[0]

3- The part that doesn't work the goal was to generate a list of object in placard list"
placard = []

    for i in liste_ingredients:
        i[0] = ingredient(i[0], i[1], i[2], i[3])

Thanks a lot for your answer and have a good day ;)

Finally we find our problem

i only had to say when it is int type
i[0] = ingredient(i[0], int(i[1]), i[2], i[3])

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