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 css not working in Django
I am using django 2.2.7

I have a template called index.html (attached).
Inside here, I have li tags for which I want to remove the bullet points.
So in my style.css file (also attached), I write nav li {list-style-type: none;}.

However, when I load the page, i still see bullet points on my li tags.
Have I missed something?

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ok, it seems like whenever I want to make changes to my css, i need to delete the existing file and create a new one and give it a different name. Then it works.

But surely, I cannot continue on to work like that right?
(Jul-01-2020, 01:54 PM)mp3909 Wrote: But surely, I cannot continue on to work like that right?
It's because browser do cache css files,then on normal reload it will not use immediately changes made local yet.
Look at this Thread for different solutions.
thank you Snippsat, that thread helped solve the issue!

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