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 cups printing
I have a raspberrypi I am using as a print server and it has my HP Officejet on a USB port.
I can print to it from libreoffice, gedit and all other programs I use.
I am trying to use python-cups and am getting an error which puzzles me as I have being using code just copied and pasted
and pointing it to a test file.

import cups
conn = cups.Connection()
printers = conn.getPrinters ()
prin = conn.getDefault()
myfile = "/home/norman/Fred.txt"
conn.printFile (prin, myfile, "Project Report", {})
I am running it from python 3.5.2
The error is
Traceback (most recent call last): File "./", line 6, in <module> conn.printFile (prin, myfile, "Project Report", {}) TypeError: unicode or bytes object required
I cannot find out what is wrong because the error doesn't seem specific enough.
Can someone explain what is wrong and how to fix it please?
import time, pprint, cups

conn = cups.Connection()
printers = conn.getPrinters ()

printer = conn.getDefault()
print("Default1:", printer)

if printer == None:
    printer = list(printers.keys())[0]
    print("Default2:", printer)

myfile = "./test.txt"
pid = conn.printFile(printer, myfile, "test", {})
while conn.getJobs().get(pid, None) is not None:

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