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 custom 404 page
I was thinking of something along the lines of this as a custom 404 page

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You should do it, that looks cool.
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i have touched it up a little Wink
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I cant get your image to display at all? All i get is an image error when displaying it.

You can modify it via template 404, and change the path of the images ive uploaded (3 and 4 are yours, one cropped, one as is)
Quote: $ ls | grep 404

In some way snippsat, i kinda like omitting everything but the image as it is self explanatory. Its kinda like you were expecting to get a page with code, but didnt quite get there. LOL And if users read the error they probably will figure it out. As well as the breadcrumbs show its a 404 too.

I could get mine to work for whatever reason. Here is a live test view
I have not look at this yet,many some tips here and here.
Quote:Whether it could use a costume picture?

Yes, just put the image in the template.
<img src="/images/whatever.png" />
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The first one is the guide i used to do it. That is how it is setup. The second one looks perfect if we are going to make custom errors for the majority. Do we need custom errors for the others? It would seem 404 is the main one that people get. Maybe 403 too.

Im not sure why my image works and yours does not though.
Check if it load okay for you to now.
I dont understand the 'try again later we are usually up'. If its a 404 they are on the wrong page

Im okay with the cable and logo, but not sure about the rest
(Jun-16-2019, 10:24 PM)metulburr Wrote: Im okay with the cable and logo, but not sure about the rest
Yes agree,i can remove the last part.
The old 404 image above cut off some of the shadow of the paper ripping at the bottom. I also think it would look better if the ripped section was a little bit larger. For me the text inside it is hard to read being so small. I also think we can lose the red "SYSTEM ERROR". It looks like the red light district. I also dont like the vertical bars across the entire page. Mainly because the default theme is pure white.

I also think the 404crisp.png is a better version. I dont think i did the shadow too well. I think it would look better if they are swapped out

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