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 delete file with handling

So I want to delete some files and if a file is in use, the script should print an error.
However I don't care for the error report if the file doesn't exists.
So only "in use " should e raised.

(Python 2.7)

At first I thought:
except OSError as e:
	print("Error: file {}, {}".format(data_file, e.strerror))
But that obviously returns all errors, including 'file doesn't exist'.

my remaining option is to include a os.filepath.exists.
if os.filepath.exists(data_file):
   except OSError as e:
	    print("Error: file {}, {}".format(data_file, e.strerror))
OR knowing the error of file in use (32 if I'm correct)
except OSError as e:
	if e.strerror.startswith("[Errno 32]"):
		print("Error: file {}, {}".format(data_file, e.strerror))
Am I right?
Anybody a thought?

(sorry small bump :) )

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