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 delete rows with empty strings in Series
i have a series (column) from a DataFrame that contains empty strings, ''. i want to delete each element that is empty so this should only contain values with 'Sea' . The data is actually a panda column series but i output it as a List to see the values.

Before: ['Sea', 'Sea', '', '', '', 'Sea', 'Sea', '', '']

Whats the best way to remove these element from the series. I can use this with a list but would rather keep as series.

y = df['ColumnA'].str.strip().tolist()
y = List(filter(None, y) ) After: ['Sea', 'Sea', 'Sea', 'Sea']

how do i do the same from panda series?

i think i figured it out

df[Column 1'].replace('', np.nan).dropna()

is there a better way?
How about df['ColumnA'][df['ColumnA'] != '']?
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