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dil_bert Version-Control with Atom: how to set & configure the interaction
dear Python-experts

pretty new to github and Atom:

note; i am on Linux (Manjaro-Linux) at home; with ATOM and PyCharm

- and in office i have a windows-machine - with Atom and PyCharm

the question i am working on: Version-Control with Atom: how to set & configure the interaction of Atom and Github

i am pretty new to Atom and github - so i have a question: how to get up and configured the ATOM-editor so that it works with the Github-Account
regarding the atom-manual on the following page i have several questions:

i think that for a beginner in ATOM - it is the question how to connect to the Github-Account. The below mentioned Atom-Manual notes how to work with the Git Account. But the question of the day is : how to get to the

#interaction of Atom with the Github-account!?
that is the first question.



how to start to configure the ATOM in order to get interaction with my GitHub-Account?

love to hear from you

Wordpress-development - a Toolset:

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