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 display graph in columns and rows
for col in df[['age','num1','num2','num3','num4']]:
    grid = sns.FacetGrid(data=df,hue='predictor').map(sns.kdeplot,col)
As per above code, I am able to generate the graph but it shows all the graphs in one column.

How can I break into eg. 2 rows and 3 columns?

scidam wrote Jul-02-2019, 03:32 AM:
Please post all code, output and errors (in it's entirety) between their respective tags. I did it for you this time, Here are instructions on how to do it yourself next time.

i can help you
Yoriz wrote Jul-07-2019, 10:09 PM:
Email address removed
scidam wrote Jul-02-2019, 12:26 PM:
According to forum rules
we usually frown on answering a question in private messages. It would be better if you post answer to the question here, if you know it.

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