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 django-cms and windows?
Hi All,

I have mysql db and it has some tables which stores merchant,product related data.

Now I have a requirement to built an application in django-cms from which a user can do crud operation.

For example if user wants to edit the product name then he can do it from the django-cms; no need to use a db connector and do it from there.

Currently I am in initial phase of the development and unable to get a good resource for installing djang-cms in windows machine.

I am using Python3.6,myssql db in windows.

I have pycharm ide but it is not professional version so I cannot create a django project from there, I have to do it manually.

When I use following command-
djangocms -p cmsfolder test2cms
; it gives me OSError: Pillow is not installed check for installation errors; athough PILLOW is already installed.

Can anyone please share me any link for installing django-cms in windows?
And also for my requirement what steps should I follow?

I am able to solve installation error-
for soling this error need to install Pillow and it's dependent packages correctly.
Now since my installation issue is resolved, can anyone help me to implement db operations from django-cms?
here's a quick start:
Thanks @Larz60+ for sharing the link but db connectivity I have already done.
What I need is to have a screen/interface in django-cms from which a user can edit any field and once publish his changes it will reflect in our db also.
this is specifically about django-cms:
this about creating forms, refreshing and posting the data:
and possibly this one for forms design:

something to look at, may or may not be useful
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Thanks Larz60+ it is helpful.

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