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 draw chart in wx Frame
I have the following code as startup. I need to add an image place in the wx frame to draw stock chart on it.
I found many similar codes on Internet such as this link below but they draw chart on a popup window, not in a wx frame. Is there a way to do it? thanks.

import wx
import wx.grid
app = wx.App()
window = wx.Frame(None, -1, title='Test', size=(960, 850), pos = (-5, 0))
background = wx.Panel(window)
grid = wx.grid.Grid(background, size=(312,150), pos=(0,0))
Larz60+ wrote Jul-11-2017, 09:50 PM:
please use code tags
This works fine for me.
I don't see how you could possible get a popup.
I think you're confusing the entire application as a popup
Sorry, I may not explain clearly. the code is what I have done. What I need is to add the second part beside the grid on the frame. I will draw chart in it. Thanks
My suggestion is download the source here:
once done, and code extracted, change to demo directory.
from command line run:
you should be able to find some good examples with sample code of what you're looking for

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