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 email scraper_help
This is a video I watched on you tube. It work ok from him, not for me.
In this code I have comments telling you what  I know about this code.
I am using selenium, I have never used this mod. be for. here it is:
# I know what this does, I just don't know if it is right 
from selenium import webdriver
#I know this is right
import re
#this is where the problem is, is the problem.
driver =
#This open thr url
#This is a var that make the page sourse the same as doc
doc = driver.page_sourse
#Now I know that emails = re.findall is looking for everything that
#match this r'[\w\.-]+@[\w\.-]+' I am not sure how this works. To me
#it looks like r+read all that match this [\w\.-]+@[\w\.-]. It looks
# to me that this is sayin write every thing from the space befor 
# @ write to the next space everything after@
emails = re.findall(r'[\w\.-]+@[\w\.-]+', doc)
#this is a for loop email keep looping untill there no more emails
for email in emails:
# this is print the var email
Traceback (most recent call last):   File "C:\Users\renny and kite\Desktop\email_scraper\test_one\test_one\test_one .py", line 4, in <module>     driver = TypeError: 'module' object is not callable Press any key to continue . . .
I have a felling this is 3.5 python

I hope some one can help me understand this code better
Thank you Think
i believe its Chrome() 

never mind, it looks like I have to install chrome. We will see how hard this is going be.
thank you
Have to capitalize chrome() and set path.
driver = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path="C:/path_to/chromedriver.exe")
Thank you snippsat

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