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forum says my post is spam
Surely I'm not a spammer! The platform works badly, I believe
Please, administrators, let me know something about my privileges, also privately. Thx
it is so interesting
Details. I've tried to upload such a thread: Is pip opensourced like for three times and been blocked as pernicious spammer.
Unbelievable, may someone explain the matter? Cheers

Edit. Read a private message by shadow00715. So, I do post here the previous thread, as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
If you read the help docs that is linked in your spam warning permissions you would see that everyone is restricted to using TLD such as .org. This is specifically tied to the fact that spammers put links in thread titles. Though your title is not legit spam, it is the only method we could use to link different spam together to abolish it. You can post in a post, but not the title. You can alternatively just use in the title python website, python DOT org, or python org. The reason it just links you to the info instead of stating in the spam warning; is spammers do not want to invest in a lot of time on one site. They move on to another site instead of following the link because they know they are spamming.
Quote:All users are not allowed to insert sequences of characters that have been flagged as spam into thread subjects. These include the following (separated by commas) http://, www., .com, or other TLD's, +91-, ^91-, sdf, fgh, ggg, hhh, Chinese characters, etc. These banned sequences update based on spammers abuse.

As a side note this is a board issue. So instead of coding general it would need to go to
board forum. There is also a private inquiry section in there if you wanted to keep your discussion secret between you and admins/mods.

We try to explain every possible thing in our help docs. So please take some time to read them.
Thank you, administrator, for your clear explanations.

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