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function NOT imported from a module
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function NOT imported from a module
(Aug-31-2018, 06:17 AM)Skaperen Wrote: only one instance is needed when there is only one display to print to. so i really don't need a class; i can simply do this as a function.
In my view of the world, there is very little benefit in using a function instead of a class. You could provide both: a function for default display and a class to make things extendable. The function would wrap a default instance. One sees this pattern now and then in some modules, for example

class NumberOutputter:
    """Class version for extendability"""
    def __init__(self, file, maxlen):
        self.file = file
        self.maxlen = maxlen
    def output_numbers(self, *args):

import sys
default_outputter = NumberOutputter(sys.stdout, 72)

def output_numbers(*args):
    """function version for simple use"""
    return default_outputter.output_numbers(*args)

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