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function not giving back total
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function not giving back total
Hello there

New to python, I have a background in java, I'm finding oop in python confusing, this program simply prints out employee info and its suppose calculate their wage, when I run the program it just displays 0, any help appreciated thanks.

class Pay():
    def __init__(self, name, age, hoursWorked, amount_per_hour, total):
        self.amount_per_hour = amount_per_hour = total

    def name(self):
        return self.__name

    def name(self, newname):
        if not newname:
            raise Exception("NAME FIELD CANNOT BE EMPTY")
        self.__name = newname

    def age(self):
        return self.__age

    def age(self, newvalue):
        if newvalue < 18:
            raise Exception("INVALID AGE")
        self.__age = newvalue

    def hoursWorked(self):
        return self.__hoursWorked

    def hoursWorked(self, newhours):
        if newhours < 0:
            raise Exception("HOURS MUST BE ENTERED")
        self.__hoursWorked = newhours

    def amount_per_hour(self):
        return self.__amount_per_hour

    def amount_per_hour(self, newamount):
        self.__amount_per_hour = newamount

    def total(self):
        return self.__total

    def total(self, newtotal):
        self.__total = newtotal

    def calculate_wage(self): = self.hoursWorked * self.amount_per_hour

    def __str__(self):
        return "Name: " + self.__name + "\nAge: " + str(self.__age) + "\nHourWorked: " + str(
            self.__hoursWorked) + "\nAmount per Hour: " + str(self.amount_per_hour) + "\nTotal: " + str(

p = Pay("Kevin", 34, 40, 9.80, 0)
The output

Quote:Name: Kevin
Age: 34
HourWorked: 40
Amount per Hour: 9.8
Total: 0

Total field is 0 but I want it to display total wage.
Python does not support polymorphism based on the signature. Each time you you use the same name for a method it replaces the previous method declaration.
    def total(self):  # This method is thrown away because of the method below.
        return self.__total
    def total(self, newtotal):  # This method replaces the total method defined above
        self.__total = newtotal
I think you want to use properties.

The total field is 0 because you initialize total to zero and never change it. I would not make total a variable in class because it can be calculated from hours and hourly wage. If you want to have a total in Pay you'll have to compute total each time hours or pay rate is changed.

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