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.gif as avatar?
Is there anyway for one to upload a .gif animation as avatar? If not is it hard to make possible? I want to make my avatar look like it is flying. If size is a concern maybe limit to dimensions to 25x25 for .gif as opposed to the current 100X100? Then a 4 frame .gif (not accounting for file format size variation) will be the same number of pixels as the current limit. Or set a size limit that allows people to decide a trade-off between resolution and number of frames.

It's just something I want to do for fun, but I can post a small how-to after I figure it out for myself.
i cant remember if gifs are accepted. If they are they would apply under the same rule for size/dimension requirements as normal avatars though. The quick test would be to attempt to upload a gif under these requirements.
Quote:The maximum dimensions for avatars are: 100x100 pixels.
The maximum file size for avatars is 25 KB.
Gave me an error, to choose a valid file type. It's 1.4 Kb .gif.
then i dont think it does without modification. Which to be honest is quite low on the list of things to do based on the changes recently.
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