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 have homework to add a list to a list using append.
So I am attempting to add a list to a list with append, but I don't think it is working, as I cannot call the list back out using another option. This is the list here:

passwords = [["yahoo","XqffoZeo"],["google","CoIushujSetu"]]
This is the code to attempt to add the two inputs as a list:

if(choice == '3'):
        print("What website is this password for?")
        website = input()
        print("What is the password?")
        unencryptedPassword = input()
There are other choices, but they aren't important at the moment. Finally my code attempting to add the inputs to the list, as a list using append, I should also mention that I have to encrypt the password using a Caesar Cypher, but I can figure that out later:

        encryptedPassword = passwordEncrypt(unencryptedPassword, encryptionKey)
        passwords.append(website, passwordEncrypt)
I am unsure what I am doing wrong, and where to go from here.
I do this all the time, but usually with tuples. You can only append one item, but you want to append two. But note that passwords is a list of lists, each sub-list having two items. So you append one list with two items:

passwords.append([website, passwordEncrypt])
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encryptedPassword = passwordEncrypt(unencryptedPassword, encryptionKey)
passwords.append(website, passwordEncrypt)

Two things:
  1. You assign a value to variable encryptedPassword but you are using a variable named passwordEncrypt.
  2. You want to append a new list to the list "passwords", but you are adding the contents of two variables.
So use:
passwords.append([website, encryptedPassword])

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