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 indentation loss
Quote:Are you sure you got all revert back?
it was jsut the one line. I changed it for only 20 seconds, and changed it back to what it was

If i log into your guys accounts, i get a regular editor with no issues. Could it be a cache issue?
Quote:Could it be a cache issue?
I have rebuild Cache in ACP.
Tried my account on different network Windows and Linux.
Tried my account on Phone.
Nothing work the editor stay inactive.
what do you mean by inactive?

Im quite puzzled, as i only did one line edit and reverted.

The only thing i can think of is to disable rin editor and see if the default MyBB editor is doing it too.
Like this.
Using mouse to click on editor don't work.
It stay inactive.
does it do it on the default theme too? Does it do it on the advanced editor and the quick reply or just quick reply?
Same on all Theme,same with advanced editor.
i deactivated the rin editor. Now using the default MyBB editor. Does it work now?
Yes work now.
Something is messed up with the rin editor then. I know they came up with an update so ill try again later to fixit when i get time
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I was looking at source of Rin editor and compared it with changes you posted.
In original:
if($mybb->user['sourceeditor'] == 1)
On our server:
if($mybb->user['sourceeditor'] == 0)
So i changes to 1 on server,
now do Rin Editor work on my account.

For me now is not possible to switch to wysiwyg mode(T|) in editor.
If other have problem,post it here.

Arghh now do Rin editor not working on my snippsat_testing account.
So i disable Rin editor again.
Strange this stuff Think

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