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 indents disappearing from output after previewing post
(Jul-24-2017, 01:25 PM)metulburr Wrote: Do i have others permissions to move it to board for others to read?
I have moved that thread to Board.
For the record, this is happening to me with the advanced reply. The only time I used quick reply was to add the P.S. to my previous message. Sad
Quote:If you can't learn to do something well?... Learn to enjoy doing it poorly.
I use quick reply all the time. I noticed this, but thought I was the cause.
It happens only when code is previewed. Or during full edit
(There were the number of spaces  indicated before edit above, following was added during this edit
------ 2nd edit -----
when I posted the last edit, indentation on second group disappeared completely
and then reappeared on edit. and then one space disappeared on 3rd post
I have to say, I've never used "Quick Edit", only "Full Edit" or "Mod".  I also try to always "preview" my posts before actually committing it and I have never had occasion to notice indents being removed or the length of indent being reduced to a number lower than 4 (though I may have not noticed a 'one space' difference). I also never use the editor buttons, but rather manually type in the respective bracketed command (python, output, error, inline and quote) with a blank line between the opening and closing brackets. I always use the key sequence "Ctrl + Shift + V" to paste, regardless of how or where I copy from.

I'm not sure if it's the default, or a recommendation from the past, but under the User CP --> Edit Options, I also have the "Put the editor in source mode by default (disable WYSIWYG editor)" checked.

I would think that if this were a problem with MyBB or the coding module, the problem would manifest itself for all users not just a random few.

Then again, perhaps I have Super Posting Powers   Angel
If it ain't broke, I just haven't gotten to it yet.
OS: Windows 10, openSuse 42.3, freeBSD 11, Raspian "Stretch"
Python 3.6.5, IDE: PyCharm 2018 Community Edition
response back from the MyBB community. If i can get them to realize this error i hope to have it fixed in MyBB 2.0. A lot of customization is default for MyBB 2.0 including a lot of pugins.

So far one suggests to try a different editor via a plugin. This could have some other side effects that i wouldnt really know until after installed....such as the return of WYSIWYG editor and maybe no option to turn it off, our custom python/error/output/spoiler and other buttons that are already existing in this editor might have to be redone completely in the next editor or possibly conflict at all with both plugins (not sure), And not sure if upon re-implementing the current editor if the other one sucks or does not work as expected, would return to exactly as it is now (AKA no conflict with custom BBCodes, etc.) And the whole editor idea might not be the issue at all.

My opinion is the possibility of mucking up the editor worse than it is now is high in changing the editor. And that it is not a high enough priority to be worth hassling about it.
But ill leave it up to you guys. Ill attempt an install of various other editors to try get rid of this issue if everyone wants it.

I got into the habit of using real time posting as my previews. And then i edit the post to fix it up or add a couple sentences like i did with this post. So i dont ever get this problem like other do.

For the record at this current time there is no longer WYSIWYG editor. There is an option in your UserCP but it is overridden hard coded to disable it for everyone. If you copied code over that had formatting you would see the formatting now via BBCode such as [ b ] tags instead of it actually being bold in the editor. But you would still need to paste as text to get rid of the formatting depending on where you copy it from. This should also get rid of the HTML code in the codebox and now you would just see [ b ] tags instead.

Screw it. Added a plugin for a new editor to try to fix this problem. You can post bogus stuff testing it out or real issues here
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