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 installing uPyCraft IDE on Mx-Linux
Dear community,

i want to install this ide on MX - Linux.

the uPyCraft IDE .. guess i can use this tutorial:


Quote:Downloading uPyCraft IDE for Linux Ubuntu 16.04
Click here to download uPyCraft IDE for Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or go to this


Quote:Open your Terminal window, navigate to your Downloads folder and list all the files:

see the code

$ cd Downloads
$ ls -l
and then....

Quote:You should have a similar file (uPyCraft_linux_V1.X) in your Downloads folder. You need to make that file executable with the following command:

see the code

$ chmod +x uPyCraft_linux_V1.X
and then

Quote:Then, to open/run the uPyCraft IDE software, type the next command:

see the piece of code:

$ ./uPyCraft_linux_V1.X
love to hear from you

Wordpress-development - a Toolset:
which part doesn't work?
good day dear Larz 60+

hi there finally installed the ide and now it is running 
downloaded the firmware for micropython from the micropython site. 

tried to flash it - bit this is not possible.  see the images that i have attached...

well  -  run on MX-Linux - but at the moment i have not glue what is going on here... 

see the images



love to hear from you

Wordpress-development - a Toolset:
i followed the instructions:

Once i have activated the virtual environment,  i  should be able to list out packages using pip list and verify version using python --version.

that said - i continued: 

python3 -m venv myVirtEnv

root@MartinsMX-Rechner:/home/martin# python3 -m venv myVirtEnv

root@MartinsMX-Rechner:/home/martin# source myVirtEnv/bin/activate

(myVirtEnv) root@MartinsMX-Rechner:/home/martin# python --version

Python 3.5.3

(myVirtEnv) root@MartinsMX-Rechner:/home/martin# pip list

DEPRECATION: The default format will switch to columns in the future. You can use --format=(legacy|columns) (or define a format=(legacy|columns) in your pip.conf under the [list] section) to disable this warning.

pip (9.0.1)

pkg-resources (0.0.0)

setuptools (33.1.1)

(myVirtEnv) root@MartinsMX-Rechner:/home/martin#

well i guess that i now can proceed with the futher steps

i cannot oppen serial - i cannot see any ports

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Wordpress-development - a Toolset:
don't forget serial communications requires that conditions match on both sides,
usually the one that does not match is baudrate (transfer speed), it must be the same on both sides.
The best way to first establish (usually only needed once to get handshaking correct) serial communications is by using a serial communications stand alone package like putty:

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