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installing wxPython
Guys, I gotta say I'm impressed with the quick and friendly responses I have received in the short time I've been here. Thank you very much!

That said, the issues I've had with trying to get Python up and going, the two different versions, the ton of libraries I've had to install, the issues in doing that, and then trying to learn Python, which is so completely foreign to me (the indentation makes me think I'm back with COBOL) has resulted in me deciding to pack the whole thing up and develop my project in C++. At least I feel comfortable with the syntax, ending up with a single executable, and the best part of it is an install of openSUSE includes the compiler, the QT libraries and even the QT IDE!

So... I'm brushing up on my C code, it's been years since I've done anything in C other than a quick little utility, but it feels good.

A few more things to think about before giving up:
The pain of startup will be overcome.

Look where python is going:

I am an ex C, C++ programmer (for many years), I loved C and C++, I think I have to say that I love python more now.

It's not usually so difficult (at all) to install packages, you just happened to pick a stubborn one (there are very few of these).

I'm sure that you realize that This has to be done, no matter which language you use.

and finally, I promise if you stick with it a bit longer, you'll be very glad you did.
On my Mint 18.2 pip is linked to python 2.7.
For python 3.4 I think you need to run pip3.
pip -V and pip3 -V
And see what the results are.
I have python 2.7.12, 3.5.2 and 3.6.4 so I have to run pip, pip3 and pip3.6 to install modules to the correct version of python

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