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 labelling variables of df with map() in loop
These are in panda df ,
agree={'1':'agree','0':"don't agree"}

list_agg=["anc_ir_fo_daily","anc_att_vac_neg", "anc_iodine","anc_danger_neg", "bf_firsthour", "bf_sixmonths_neg", "bf_prev_dehy_neg", "gen_ors_zinc" ]

I want to label list_agg with agree dictionary in looping
My code :

for x in list_agg:

when I run this code ,

Error like AttributeError:
'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'x'.
Please help also !
I am not sure if this could help you to solve the problem you are trying to do,
but it is better to use .loc[:, x] pandas indexier instead of direct accessing df.x. Moreover, if you assign column name to a variable, using .loc[:, varname] is (almost) the only right way to get data in the column.
In general, direct access to data in a column, e.g. by df.column_name could cause even unpredictable behavior if you occasionally
touch some DataFrame method instead, e.g. If you have a column named ix, you can not get access to it by df.ix because
.ix is Pandas indexier with predefined behavior.
Thanks your suggestion is correct , I found the way !

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