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 leap year program issue

Can someone please help with the following program.

Can't seem to figure out where I am going wrong.

My program executes fine, just ends up giving the wrong result. Ex. 1992 is a leap year, but my program shows it's not.

a = int(input("Enter year : "))

if (a % 4) == 0:

   if (a % 100) == 0:

       if (a % 400) == 0:

           print("Tis is leeap year")


           print("not a leap year")


       print("not a leapp year")


   print("No it ain't")
the logic looks wrong to me. the 100 year test is supposed to be different than the 400 year test. but yours are coded alike.
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How about calendar.leap?

>>> import calendar

>>> calendar.isleap(1992)
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Line 17 is wrong (the one with 'leapp'). That line is only triggered if the year is divisible by 4, but it says that the year is not a leap year. Also, it would be clearer if you called your variable 'year' rather than 'a'.
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