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learn Python
What is the best way to learn Python from beginning to advanced?
What are some of the best sites to learn python?
buran write Apr-08-2021, 05:18 AM:
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There is no "best" for everyone, no "one size fits all". It depends a lot on your prior programming experience, whether you have supports (people you can turn to with questions, like here), and your preferred style of learning.

My personal pathway was a combination - Socratica youtube videos, the Head First Python book, hanging out here and reading the answers posted to interesting questions, and for AI/Data Analysis a combination of several books and the Coursera courses (IBM series and others).
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It depends on personal preferences and circumstances. And simple search in the forum will give you multiple results that prove that. Only YOU know THE BEST way for YOU.
And question like What are some of the best sites to learn python? is more or less open invitation for spam and advertisement.
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How to Ask Questions The Smart Way: link and another link
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