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learning python?
Hello. I am not a coder. I dabble in digital marketing, domaining etc.

I always need some programming jobs done and learning how to code would be very useful for me.
The reason I haven't done this is because I assumed it would take too much time and I'm busy.

However, a guy told me it would take about a month to understand the logic of programming and that I would already be able to do some tasks.

Is this true? If so, this changes things a bit. Would you say that this is accurate or is it too optimistic?
It really depends on the individual, how much time you put into it, and how much problem-solving skill you already have. I would suggest diving in, giving it a try, and after some amount of time you're comfortable with just decide whether you want to continue or not. Your pace will accelerate toward the beginning but you should get a good idea of where you are fairly soon.

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