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live(real time) database retrive
i am using django in ubuntu 15.10 and python 3.52.
i am working on a project which is similar to shopping website.
here i want to retrive database live(real time) without refresh browser.
in php i use ajax request to do that work but in django i can not do that at same way.

problem description:
in product page every product have a button name "Add cart" . when anyone click add cart then 
the item add to my database and show the "total cart" in the same page menu bar which i create without refresh browser.

in php i create this process using ajax request. 
but in django i can not do the live(real time) retrive from database.but i can add this product in database without refresh but i cant retrive the total number of item from database live(real time).
if anyone  know that process please help because i am new in django.
thanks in advance.....
Same way as php, use ajax.
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