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 [matplotlib]Multiple persistent modifiable rectangle selector

I am currently trying to display an image with several highlighted and modifiable region of interests. I want to solve it by using for example the rectangleselector from the matplotlib.widgets.
The issue is just I am not able to blend in multiple persistent dragable resizeable bounding boxes.
The example is here. Wrote:
from matplotlib.widgets import RectangleSelector
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def line_select_callback(eclick, erelease):
    'eclick and erelease are the press and release events'
    x1, y1 = eclick.xdata, eclick.ydata
    x2, y2 = erelease.xdata, erelease.ydata
    print("(%3.2f, %3.2f) --> (%3.2f, %3.2f)" % (x1, y1, x2, y2))
    print(" The button you used were: %s %s" % (eclick.button, erelease.button))

def toggle_selector(event):
    print(' Key pressed.')
    if event.key in ['Q', 'q'] and
        print(' RectangleSelector deactivated.')
    if event.key in ['A', 'a'] and not
        print(' RectangleSelector activated.')

fig, current_ax = plt.subplots()                 # make a new plotting range
N = 100000                                       # If N is large one can see
x = np.linspace(0.0, 10.0, N)                    # improvement by use blitting!

plt.plot(x, +np.sin(.2*np.pi*x), lw=3.5, c='b', alpha=.7)  # plot something
plt.plot(x, +np.cos(.2*np.pi*x), lw=3.5, c='r', alpha=.5)
plt.plot(x, -np.sin(.2*np.pi*x), lw=3.5, c='g', alpha=.3)

print("\n      click  -->  release")

# drawtype is 'box' or 'line' or 'none'
toggle_selector.RS = RectangleSelector(current_ax, line_select_callback,
                                       drawtype='box', useblit=True,
                                       button=[1, 3],  # don't use middle button
                                       minspanx=5, minspany=5,
plt.connect('key_press_event', toggle_selector)

If you have an alternative approach please let me know.
I would like to have like in the aforementioned example multiple rectangle selector objects. I hope you can help me.

[Context: I would show a photo of a traffic scene, and I would let the programm create after a 2D object detection several bounding boxes. I would like to give the user the possibility to modify the position and size. The issue is: I can just make only one interactive persistent rectangles. I do not know how to append it, to have several interactive concurrent interactive rectangulars.]

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