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migrating from R to Python: specific questions
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migrating from R to Python: specific questions
I have been using R and RStudio for prototyping and model building and due to some persisting problems (which would only be applicable to the environment that I am using in) we have decided to use python. I am looking to know:

  1. is there a python development environment like "RStudio Server"?

  2. how easy/hard to enable multi-threading/multi-core processing in Python for decision trees/gradient boosting?

  3. can data persist in python dev environment server? Meaning: Can I save the dev environment with code and data frames and come back the next day to access/pick up where I left?

  4. Can you connect to Oracle database from Python?

  5. Is there a way I can import .RData to python development environment?

Why ask these questions here?

While looking up on search engines, I am mostly getting unreliable results, training insitutes promotions, outdated blogs and whitepapers from industry giants. I need a reliable answer.
1. Take a look at Rodeo:
Also: JupyterLab:

2. It of course depends on what you want to do. Many sites already use Python, YouTubs, Instagram and many others, see: As to how it's done, look for articles on asyncio, here's a few choices: a or

3. Many IDE's have this capability. Popular are:
Visual Studio Code (Not to be confused with MS Visual Studio)
Many others: google 'Popular Python IDE's'

4. A list of oracle interface packages:

5.Again, list for python packages for dealing with RData:

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