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moving from tkinter to wxpython
That might be the problem. I am running Linux. I am in the process of creating some space on my drive to enable me to dual boot Windows 10 but it will probably be a few days before I can get to that completely. Then we are on holiday for 2 weeks from next Saturday.
requests and the rest of the modules are installed.
any error messages, this code should run on Linux as well as windows.
If not, I need to find out why.

I guess I'm going to have to make George Washington squint and open my wallet and buy
a laptop for Linux only.

Tried dual boot twice on this box with nasty results. I was always able to run dual boot in the
past before UEFI. I have some older computers kicking around, but their slowness will drive me insane,
so time to finally buy a new one (I've only been talking myself into it for the past two years).

We have a chain here that's a pure computer candy store, Microcenter which you don't have in the UK, but I
suspect you have something similar. I have worked all over the US, but have been fortunate enough to always
be near one of their stores, including when there was only one in Columbus, Ohio. Love that Store, but it's
a very bad place to go because I always end up buying things that weren't in the budget.

Please let me know if you are getting errors, and post what they are.

Sorry no errors at all. I think UEFI was more work in the early days but not so bad now. I have had this laptop about 1 year. It came with Windows 10. I created restore disks then deleted the lot and as far as I can remember just turned off secure boot then installed Mint so it might not be a problem dual booting now.
Do you have all the dependencies installed?
I know that in order to install pygame on Linux, you have to (or at least used to have to) use:
sudo apt-get install python-pygame
(Mar-24-2018, 08:58 PM)Larz60+ Wrote: Do you have all the dependencies installed?
I know that in order to install pygame on Linux, you have to (or at least used to have to) use:
sudo apt-get install python-pygame

python-pygame and python-pygame-sdl2 are installed
and the only navigation which works are the tabs which select each book and the index button on each page. None of the others do.

Does your installation require MakeTextIndexBible.bat to run?
If so this could be one of the problems as it won't run under linux
Oh and don't know if it will make any difference in this case but python is linked to 2.7.12 on my system
Does your installation require MakeTextIndexBible.bat to run?
No, that's just runs a tool provided by python, as a matter of fact, I have Linux commands running on my windows box,
and think I used them by habit. That script probably wouldn't run an a windows box without because I use 'cat' instead of 'type',
and if run as first (chmod 555 MakeTextIndexBible.bat) it should actually run on Linux

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