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my post is blocked as spam?
how is it that my post revealing technical details about how python.org is not online got blocked as spam?
URLs are not allowed in titles which includes TLD's
ok, so the fact that i had python.org in the title was a factor in being in violation of the rule?  i don't understand this exactly and that page isn't really clear to me.  what does in titles which includes TLD's mean?
links in the post titles, including links to TLDs (top level domains) are not allowed. what is not clear?
sorry, i read that as "URLs that include TLDs" but thought it meant TLDs in the post content since a URL already has one.
Its to cut spam down because we had a period where we were being hit by spam that posted different forums of URL's in the title. If i actually have a subject regarding python.org, i just put python DOT org or similar in the title.
gotcha.  that's the way to do it so it is not made into a link.

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