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pandas: assemble data to have samples
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pandas: assemble data to have samples
Hello to all,
I'm new here, and I admit I'm a newbie about Pandas library.

I'm looking around, and also I read some good books (like this one) but I've not yet succeed to do the following operation.

I want to create a sample by data of each month from this database
So I want to plot/hist average values for each month, considering data for each year.
Finally I need a DataFrame like:
0 value_a
1 value_b
11 value_x

where values are the average of data on three years.

Thanks for who wants to help
No one can help me?
What have you tried so far, post your code, and show where you are having problems.
If you haven't any code and don't know where to begin, start here:

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