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 pandas.read_sas with chunksize: IndexError list index out of range
Good morning,

I have read the rules about posting but i cannot attach a sample of my data or reproduce the entire error message as the data i am working on is located on a server without access to internet. I apologise for this inconvenience. I'll try to reproduce most of what is requested however below.

I am working with very big sas files (data on each job, hence millions of lines) and got memory error when i was trying to simple read them (they open fine in R or stata strangely). Therefore i searched and find the pandas.read_sas option to work with chunks of the data. My code is now the following:

df_chunk = pd.read_sas(r'file.sas7bdat', chunksize=500)

for chunk in df_chunk:  

At this point i get the following error (I am reproducing it here manually as i cannot copy paste):

line 660, in _chunk_to_dataframe if self.column_formats[j] in const.sas_date_formats: IndexError: list index out of range
Looking deeper in the error message, the issue seems to be in the underlying function "
" in the following line :
if self.column_formats[j] in const.sas_date_formats 
Many thanks for your help,

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