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 ppadb classes

I inherited some automation scripts that use the packages below. I installed pure-python-adb to replace adb, but the ppadb does not have the classes. I googled them and can't really find it. There is an M2Crypto package but don't see the "sign". Does anybody know what they should be replaced with?

Thanks for your help,

from adb import sign_m2crypto
from adb import fastboot
It looks it is using this package

However if you look at the history, sign_m2crypto was replaced on 22 May 2019 with py_cryptography
Maybe look for earlier version of that package...

That said, looking at they recommend using adb_shell package as better maintained
Or maybe you can/need look for different options
Thank you Buran. I did find those links and will try the py-cryptography


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