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 pytest fixture in thrown error while in the test file runs
While Testing a @pytest.fixture(scope="module")

When the fixture is included in the test file - tests/, test works fine

import json, pytest

def author_file_json(tmpdir_factory):
    python_author_data = {
        'Ned': {'City': 'Boston'},
        'Brian': {'City': 'Portland'},
        'Luciano': {'City': 'Sau Paulo'}

    file = tmpdir_factory.mktemp('data').join('author_file.json')

    with'w') as f:
        json.dump(python_author_data, f)
    return file

def test_brian_in_portland(author_file_json):
    with as f:
        authors = json.load(f)
    assert authors['Brian']['City'] == 'Portland'

If I add the fixture author_file_json to and run pytest --fixtures, it shows up in the trace

But now if I run pytest tests/, I get an error -
E fixture 'author_file_json' not found
How can I fix this ?
Got it. has to be at the root of the working directory

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