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python GUI with google sheets graphs
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python GUI with google sheets graphs
I am using google sheets and want to have a gui similar(or identical) to the picture
[Image: 2WKkmjw]
obviously connected to the sheet and preferably on a web page.
The main obstacle I encountered with using google sheets was the graphs - I want to have a dynamic scroll bar that controls X axis values and for the graph to change dynamically with it, all the rest I guess I can handle.
Is python a suitable tool for that? I tried searching a solution over the web but was overflowed and couldn't find something that exactly fits my needs.
Any links to videos/blogs would be great.
Python is an excellent tool for this type of presentation.
Note that there will be a learning curve involved.
You will need to learn python, then Flask, and probably want to use a web template like bootstrap

here's some links to get you started:
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
Python Course
Flask Mega-Tutorial
Bootstrap web templates

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