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Hi everyone,

Recently I was stuck on a problem

After a while I found a solution (that I shared with the community) but I also receive excellent answer on this forum !

So I just wanted to express my gratitude to those how made this forum and maintain it !

Because when I compare to other famous "forum" and how they treat their users I'm shocked ->

[Image: oBdFxzd.png]
My question was blocked and the similar question is in fact was just the opposite of my question.... Angry

so, live long and prosper Heart
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I upvoted your post on the mentioned site. Yes these sites serve a different purpose. They are designed to use your working force to create a gigantic omniscient FAQ. It has some advantages because one often encounters issues that others have already overcome, but the drawback is that members are treated more or less like slaves.

In a regular forum, there's much more interaction between members. People are interested in discussion around the language. It's a human world.
I have always been treated horribly there. Even giving good responses. Hence, i will never participate in that site again. I only use that site when i want a quick google result and that is what pops up. Plus i much prefer dialog between members instead of the FAQ structure.

(Aug-29-2020, 07:00 AM)SpongeB0B Wrote: My question was blocked and the similar question is in fact was just the opposite of my question....
This is the problem with that sort of structure.
I just ran into an issue even on reddit that made me think of this thread. All i wanted to do is ask a question about planting a tree. First a moderator removed my question because i did not have the proper user flair. Then i did not have the proper thread flair. Then i finally got a 3rd thread made duplicate and finally found out that a mod removed my thread again because he said that it was too similar to a Q and A in the beginners guide. So then i start looking in the Q and A and could not find my question. The beginners guide is 3-4 times the size of our entire help docs. I dont want to become a professional tree planter, i just want to know one answer to a question i have. These kind of things makes it not worth the hassle to even post in places like this. I just might a well find another sub-reddit because this one you have to jump through so many hoops to get your post even visible. That is something i dont want other people to experience at this forum. Even if it is just duplicate questions that we answer over and over the same thing. There might be just a response with a link to a tutorial, but at least you feel like your being acknowledged.
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I can't agree more with you @metulburr

Today I had an HTML question, and I was crazy enough to think that Stackoverflow could help me.. instead I land on this ->
[Image: 2gtr2Mz.png]

At first people who don't know me could think, ho he might spam, or ask "stupid" question's on that website, but when you look my "stats/reputation"
[Image: o6BzOWv.png]

I've only posted 3 questions ! of one of them was marked as duplicate (I can't find a similar question but..)

So I stop to lose my time and will never use theses websites.

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