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 python logo embroidered on ball cap
So i lost my main ball cap embroidered with "linux". Now i want one with a python logo. Im around a lot of "hick-co-workers" and want to show my roots in computers. But i wanted it with our forum logo mixed with the word Python instead. I like the way it meshing the python logo with the word. I "think" Mekire was the one that created our logo if i remember correctly.

1) i was wondering if i could get permission to use it for my ball cap and
2) i was wondering if you had one with the word Python laying around from varying attempts?
Yeah, I created the original. I think it is Snippsat who makes all the modified ones with it inserted in; not sure. I can see if I have the original PDNs(paint dot net) somewhere. Feel free to use it as you like.

I could probably make it say Python without too much effort but I don't have one currently.

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Have you ever tried some logo makers?
Guys,I remembered one logo maker which I use in past. Check here and follow the instructions. I sometimes make logo for my business. Logo makers is a simple and easy way for creating logos for different purposes.
if i wanted to make it i would just write something up in GIMP.

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