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 python-printer-escpos 0.0.3 ERROR
I'm using python-printer-escpos 0.0.3 . I connected my printer as a USB printer and i followed the link Escpos. Successfully installed the package and when i try to run my application it shows the error as
Quote: from escpos.connections import getUSBPrinter ImportError: No module named connections
. I tried with different applications and the error is same. How to solve this issue?
from escpos import getUSBPrinter
printer = new getUSBPrinter(commandSet='Generic')(idVendor=0x0525,idProduct=0xa4a8,inputEndPoint=0x82,outputEndPoint=0x01)
printer.text("Hello World")

I have never used this package, however the author has the following preface in his docs:
Quote:If you are just starting up with POS RECEIPT Printers, you must first refer to to get started.

python-printer-escpos provides four different types of printer connections to talk to a ESCPOS printer.
if you can't find an answer there, perhaps contact the author (Shantanu Bhadoria) here:

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