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 re.finditer issue, output is blank
Hi All,

trying below code, running with out error, however output is blank.

import re
from ciscoconfparse import CiscoConfParse
from ciscoconfparse.ccp_util import IPv4Obj

with open("conf.txt") as file:
   data =
interface_ips = re.finditer(r"^(interface (?P<intf_name>.*)\n)"
                            r"( .*\n)*"
                            r"( ip address (?P<ipv4_address>\S+) (?P<subnet_mask>\S+))\n"
                            r"( description (?P<description>.*))\n",
for intf_ip in interface_ips:
    print("%s %s/%s %s" % ("intf_name"),
below is my input file.

interface Eth-Trunk1.120
vlan-type dot1q 120
ip address
traffic-policy INFRA-ACL inbound
qos-profile 50Mbps inbound identifier none
qos-profile 50Mbps outbound identifier none
statistic enable
interface Eth-Trunk1.123
vlan-type dot1q 123
ip address
traffic-policy INFRA-ACL inbound
user-queue cir 10240 pir 10400 inbound
user-queue cir 10240 pir 10400 outbound
statistic enable
In your regex, ip address comes before description, in the input file, it's the opposite.
Also, if this is a common file format, you might want to try looking up an existing parser instead of doing your own regex-based parsing.

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