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 redoing my multicolumn print class
i am planning to refactor and recode my multicolumn print class. the idea is that once all the configuration of the multicolumn layout is done, just one method pretends to act like the bultin print() function. the idea is that narrow output will be columnized and then output to where specified (default being the builtin print() function).

the caller can configure the size of the output page (default is the screen geometry) plus the gap between columns (called gutter). i am going to add the ability to set up a fixed column structure as well as a maximum width of a column that can be handled two different ways (wrap or truncate).

i am curious if others can think of features to include in such a class. although i have the basic idea in mind how the new one should work, i have not started coding this, yet, so, this is a good time for me to consider other ideas for it.
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