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 "replace() method" fails to change string
Hi all,
New to Python and this forum so I guess i am missing something simple.
Why does this string method work in the Python shell but not when used in my PyCharm program?
Python version seems to make no difference.

import os
s = "ghghkc"
print (s)
Quote:"replace() method" fails to change string
You are wrong. The replace method did change the string, but you did not assign the return to a variable.
print(s.replace("g","#"))  ## string is changed
Thanks i see the problem, but why no error message?
Notice that the string type is immutable. So the str.replace method does not replace the characters in place. You have to assign the returned value to a variable:

s = s.replace("g","#")
There is no reason for an error.
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(Nov-30-2018, 05:26 PM)pw928gts Wrote: Thanks i see the problem, but why no error message?

Because there wasn't an error. What you did is completely valid. You created a new string based off of a base string, s, and a transformation (the text replace). Not assigning that new string to a variable isn't an error, except possibly a semantic error:

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