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 save 2d array to file and load back
I tried to save 2 dimensional array to a file and load it back. But not sure how to fix it. please advise. thanks.
import numpy as np
x = [['ABC', 123.45], ['DEF', 678.90]]
y = np.loadtxt('text.txt')
Default format string (fmt parameter) for the np.savetxt method coincide to floating point numbers, so, you need to change fmt to '%s' (strings):

import numpy as np
x = [['ABC', 123.45], ['DEF', 678.90]]
np.savetxt('text.txt', x, fmt='%s')

# default dtype for  np.loadtxt is also floating point, change it, to be able to load mixed data.
y = np.loadtxt('text.txt', dtype=np.object) 
Is it a way to keep y same type (list) as x after loaded? Thanks.
You can convert y to list using .tolist() method, e.g.

y = np.loadtxt('text.txt', dtype=np.object)
y = y.tolist()
Another way is to use standard pickle module.

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