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 selenium-3.0.1.tar.gz install
Does anyone know how to install selenium. and don't tell me pip, it will not install anything.
thank you. Think
1) use pip or figure out why you are having so much trouble with pip
pip install selenium 
2) build it. For this you need a compiler. Download the source from pypi and execute where the setup file is
python install
3) copy the wheel files into your python directory. Download the correct wheel from pypi and follow this guide....

If your on a linux distro (which i believe you are not), you can just get it from that distros repos
metulburr@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-cache search selenium
chromium-chromedriver - WebDriver driver for the Chromium Browser
libtest-www-selenium-perl - Perl test framework using Selenium Remote Control
python-selenium - Python bindings for Selenium
python3-selenium - Python3 bindings for Selenium
ruby-childprocess - Ruby library for controlling external programs running in the background

and install it with something as simple as
sudo apt-get install python-selenium
I got it install, I found a program called easy_install it install all the add_on the pip would not do.
thank you
pip and easy_install are very close to the same thing. They both use built-in parts of python to find and install packages, and they both come with the default install of python. If one works but the other doesn't, then you're not really missing anything important.

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