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 separating different parts of a listbox
in generally, how can i seprate the different psrts of one item from listbox.
in reality, this item is a row of the listbox. the different parts of a item (a row)is seprated by columns... 
please one clue
pleeeeease Cry
Sorry but I don't understand what it is you want. Have you already written some code?
If you have please post it.
Can you post a diagram showing what you want?
If I understand the problem (I'm far from being sure in that point), then you might consider using .split().
Your question is unclear. What GUI framework is being used? If I understand correctly, you want to display multiple columns in a listbox. In this case you may want to have a look at Tkinter's ttk.TreeView widget. If using different framework, there are similar widgets

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