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 simple solved plugin
Have change text to Set Solved/Set not Solved.
Maybe Set Unsolved instead of Set not solved. It sounds kinda weird that way. Also shouldnt the blue tone be the same as the title bar blue tone?
(Mar-26-2019, 12:59 AM)metulburr Wrote: Maybe Set Unsolved instead of Set not solved. It sounds kinda weird that way. Also shouldnt the blue tone be the same as the title bar blue tone?
Changed to Set Unsolved,changed color to match title bar.
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When you changed the set solved button image to a checkmark it changed the rep button image also to a checkmark. What method did you do to change the button. Change the spritesheet or the php code in the plugin?
Did change the image png,i see now that Rep also got checkmark.
Not yet looked into how to difference images(png) so eg Rep button can use own image.
Maybe you can look into or i can also take a look,i don't think to many will notice or care about Rep button icon.
The most important part was to get a green marked for set solved button that original had a search icon.
Should be okay now,changes to thumbs up for Rep button.
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Not sure which plug-in is used here. Looks like it could be Mark Thread as done/solved - 1.8.x.

If it is, is the 'solved' icon on the thread title in the thread page itself intentional disabled ? (or minimal version, or bug?)
(this one)

It seems useful to me that one can see if a thread (from someone else) was marked solved (at least also) in the thread page itself. (?)
it never seemed to work like that from start. I am not sure if its just a bug or what. I do agree though that it would nice to have.
Just a though that crossed my mind.

Could that be related to some of the changes that were made during the other "solved/best answer.etc" plug-in test.

If only CSS changes were involved ... probably not.

(intriguing ... But lacking expertise here)
that was a different solved plugin

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