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 simple solved plugin
Thanks. Let us play with it for a bit and see what features would be nice to add.
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No Problem, have fun with it.:-)
I may have wanted to extend the plugin to: When an administrator or moderator marks a topic as done, it is automatically closed. What do you think of such a change? Meaningless or meaningful?
(May-17-2019, 08:29 PM)itsmeJAY Wrote: When an administrator or moderator marks a topic as done, it is automatically closed.

I don't think that would work for us. Often when the initial problem is solved, another one crops up, and the discussion keeps going. And I think on concern here is that an administrator marks it solved, the OP may not think it's solved. Closing the thread would block the OP from mentioning how the 'solution' doesn't actually work.
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I wish you happiness.
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Personally i like necro posting if it updates the thread with out of date content. We dont archive old python version threads like MyBB does on their forum. We dont close threads here, even after its solved.

I know that your plugin has to accommodate many users. You can add it for sure, but please make an ACP switch to turn it off/on.
As mention over we never close Threads because it solved,there can be additional information/solution that give broader perspective on the topic.
If i have information that i think can help,it dos not matter if it marked solved,i will still post my answer.
So marked solve should never be looked as a closing of a Thread.
If someone have useful additional information post that information,regardless if it's marked solved or not.

Thanks for nice plugin @itsmeJAY.
As mention if you add this feature.
metulburr Wrote:but please make an ACP switch to turn it off/on.

you're right, of course. This was a request in Github from another user - but I don't think I'm implementing it.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please write them here in the topic. I will visit the topic here more often.

PS: If I change something for you, I will do everything in your custom version.
You could merge our custom with your original and add ACP switches for everything. Then the plugin is much more versatile to everyone using it.
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