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 slice per group

I would like to extract the first 50 data points of each group factor in a data frame.

So far, I stumbled over:

grouped = df.groupby('factor').first()
which extracts the first data point (also when it is not a time format as stated in the documentation)

grouped = df.groupby('factor').nth()
which extracts the nth data point, so a single one instead of a list

grouped = df.groupby('factor').apply(lambda x: x.iloc[0:2]))
which extracts the first 50 rows indeed - but only for the first group instead of for all groups..

Can someone please shed some light on me?
Thank you!

I got it. You have to use ".iloc" instead of ".loc"

grouped = df.groupby('factor').apply(lambda x: x.iloc[0:50])
You need to decide where these groups will be stored, in a list, or you want concatenate them into new data-frame?

import pandas as pd
# generate sample data
df = pd.DataFrame({'factor':, 1000), 'value'})\

dfs = [df.loc[v[:50]] for g, v in df.groupby('factor').groups.items()]
They are stored in the grouped dataframe?

What do g and v do in
dfs = [df.loc[v[:50]] for g, v in df.groupby('factor').groups.items()]
(Jul-19-2019, 01:50 PM)Progressive Wrote: They are stored in the grouped dataframe?

dfs is a list of data frames of length 50 for each group. g is group name, g = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.

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