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 solved prefix tag/ mysupport plugin
(Mar-21-2019, 10:04 AM)mcgrim Wrote: the previous setup is much better. When posts are in a chronological order, is much easier to sort through them.
I dont believe the mysupport plugin changes the order of posts.
After messing around with the plugin, i am not sure why this plugin gets so much talk about how well it is. I think it has a lot of problems ranging from bugs to not enough options.

1) The images do not show.. The templates show the correct path and filename. The server has the correct path and filenames. But they do not work. Instead it shows alternate text on some browsers. This takes up a ton of real estate on the thread listing page. OR a non shown image. I cant find how to remove this? Also it shows double "Mark this post a best answer Mark this post a best answer" because of the images not showing. The same for thread listing of time since solved.

2) It organizes the threads to put unsolved first. Cannot figure out how to stop that.

3) The setting that asks "can a user unsolve a thread" says the thread author can mark it unsolved. However everyone on the forum can mark it unsolved with this setting enabled. If its not enabled, mods/admin can not even mark the thread as a support forum not allowing it be marked as solved/unsolved. It doesnt make sense.

4) It seems looks different on every browser. (this could be a result of the images not showing though)

5) There is no setting to get rid of the time since solved. Because it uses alternate templates for thread listing, i dont want to mess with it to ruin the forum.

Regardless of all that, #3 is the killer one. There is no point in having a support plugin if mods/admins cannot mark it solved, or alternatively everyone in the world can mark it solved/unsolved. Its just a mess. It seems more buggy than the last time i tried it even.

So i guess we will go back to earlier discussion of prefixes to use or not.
(Mar-21-2019, 12:07 PM)metulburr Wrote: So i guess we will go back to earlier discussion of prefixes to use or not.
For me so do i not want see [SOLVED] Dodgy in any Thread at all,i think it look ugly and just cause confusion.
Some will use and some not,then we have [SOLVED] on some Thread other thread that solved without [SOLVED].
We have i high rate of solved Thread,and i am for not sure gone edited Thread to get it to show [SOLVED] if TS forget it.
Just wanted to say I'm happy with the current solution so far. I'm three days behind on the forum, but catching up, and having a way to look at the unsolved posts first is great!
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