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 [split] Verify users plugin
New Plugin. Just for information. Maybe you like it.
I split this off as i want to retain discussion for the simple plugin on the other thread (issues, modifications, etc.).

I dont think we need to verify users, or at least display it in their profile. Maybe other mods/admins disagree. What is defined as a verified user verification?

As our current setup we delete accounts with 0 posts or unactivated after a period of time.

But im sure other MyBB forums would find it attractive. There are quite a wide range of needs for various forum admins.

PS: I added a user group of Plugin Author and add that as your secondary group

I developed the plugin for a user of the MyBB community. He doesn't use the plugin anymore because his project failed - but many other users use the plugin.

The verification has to be considered like on YouTube, Instagram Facebook or other platforms. There only selected members are verified - the community thus knows that this user is very trustworthy. This has no effect on the primary or secondary user group.

For example, a user who uses my plugin:

A user uses my plugin and has a forum for security in a specific area. There are many registered users in his forum but only a few who are really "true professionals". These users he verifies to "verified professionals users". The community thus knows who is particularly trustworthy.

In the last update small bug fixes were made, Fontawesome ready and some settings were added. (For example, you can select a group in the plugin, the forum automatically verifies all new users in this group once per hour via a task). The manual verification still works, of course.

By the way - before I forget: Thanks for the group (or rank) in this forum here.
I could see how this would be useful for selling things on a forum. We dont however sell anything here. We use the built-in MyBB reputation as the main method of "trusted user". If they have a lot of rep, they most likely know what they are talking about.

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